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Optimised technology – constructions by TALIS

During use, valves are exposed to great forces. For example, at the bottom outlet of dams the water masses partly rush down with such force that valves with a pressure stage of up to PN 160 are required. It is clear that the valve must therefore be robust and soundly designed and constructed. 

At TALIS, the most up-to-date design methods with 3D-CAD systems and intensive trials in its own test installations ensure that with optimum flow patterns the risks of cavitation are minimised.

Of decisive importance is guidance of the flows within the body, a task achieved by the engineers at TALIS with numerous practical tests and series of measurements as well as simulations of the flow behaviour with the latest CFD systems. 
At the same time in own test installations the hydraulic parameters are determined and endurance tests are carried out. As a result of high-precision production, these values can also be implemented in practice.


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