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Germany: Deutsche Bahn Project - Albabstiegtunnel Stuttgart - Ulm


  • The around 60 km long new Wendlingen-Ulm line is a sub-project of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project and enables a quick and comfortable route across the Swabian Alb.
  • The railway tunnel "Albabstiegstunnel" is almost 6 km long and connects the southern German Alb plateau with the main train station Ulm. The new infrastructure allows maximum speeds of 250 km/h.
  • ERHARD delivered high pressure valves for the separation of the extinguishing water pipe segments in the traffic tubes, designed for 40 bar.

More Information about the Bahnproject.


  • 53 ROCO Wave Butterfly valves (DN150-200 / PN 40)
  • 10 Ball valves (DN125 / PN 40)

Picture: DB Project Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH / Arnim Kilgus


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