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Disc type air inlet valve


Coating: Epoxy

Automatic ERHARD Disc type air inlet valve are used for larger pipelines in dams, for transporting or turbines. They are protecting the pipeline against dangerous vacuum. This phenomena can be caused by a quick turn-off of pumps, fast draining or fracture of the pipeline.


  • Automatic air admission for larger pipelines
  • Large cross section for maximum air inlet
  • Coated with EKB
  • Design and dimensioning depending on working conditions
  • Additional TWIN-AIR air valve for air evacuation under working pressure
  • On request with additional resilient gate valve as inspection valve for the TWIN-AIR


  • Air Inlet Valve(pdf 111,49 KB)
  • Air Inlet Valve Automatic(pdf 105,94 KB)
  • BEV geschweisst ML web(pdf 1,22 MB)


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