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Automatic Air Valve single type


DN 25
PN 16
Body: EN-JL1040
Coating: Epoxy

Automatic air admission and air release of water pipelines in plants, buildings and valve chambers.


  • Socket with internal thread G1 to DIN ISO 228 other connections on request
  • Valves for working pressure between 0,1 – 16 bar
  • Single chamber vlave with float for dissipating small air flow rates
  • Cross-section dependent on water level
  • Automatic pipe air release and admission during filling, during operational air release and the discharging / Draining process
  • Compact and robust design with low weight
  • With threaded connection, flange connection on request
  • Also available with air-intake stop


  • Automatic Air Valve Single Type, DN25-50(pdf 106,74 KB)
  • Automatic Air Valve Single Type, DN25-50, intake stop(pdf 112,52 KB)
  • PED Air Valve 100 150 50 63 Cat II Fluid 2(pdf 206,72 KB)
  • Operating Instruction - Standard(pdf 96,28 KB)


  • ERHARD GmbH & Co. KG
  • Meeboldstraße 22
  • 89522 Heidenheim, Germany