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WAGU® Flap Valves


Suitable for back pressure protection, for installation on tank outlets, pipes or shafts.


  • All-round sealing as pipe or 4-sided sealing as frame from 200x200 to largest dimensions
  • Welded pipe socket or frame
  • Adjustable cover bearing on the socket, double joint bearing on the frame
  • Ring profile seal attached by tension band, profile seal on the fastening flange
  • Valve cover with reinforced ribs
  • As simple cover version, floating hollow cover for filling with sand or cover with lever and weight.


  • Atex declaration Flaps Weirs(pdf 271,69 KB)
  • Atex declaration Penstocks(pdf 274,08 KB)
  • WAGU®-GL or GK Penstocks(rtf 94,39 KB)
  • WAGU®-GL or GK Penstocks(pdf 1,67 MB)
  • WAGU Rueckstauklappe(pdf 333,09 KB)


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  • Meeboldstraße 22
  • 89522 Heidenheim, Germany