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Resiliant Seated Gate Valve INFINITY with PE-ends

DN 40 - 300 
PN 10 - 16
Body: EN-JS 1050
Coating: EKB, Email
PE-ends SDR11 or SDR17


The INFINITY with PE ends are regularly used as underground installation and for drinking water supply and is welded into PE pipes, for example with electrofusion couplings or by butt fusion welding process.


  • Two integrated O-rings ensure the tightness of the connection with the PE pipe
  • Long overall length enables repeated welding
  • Patented three locking tab for bayonet system to avoid self dismantling, leakage and blow up risk (up to DN300)
  • Rounded surfaces of the bodyensure a uniform coating and protection of the highest quality
  • Single-piece stainless steel spindle with rolled thread prevents deposits
  • Chambered gasket ensures a secure seal between the body and the bonnet and protects the threaded holes against corrosion
  • Innovative dust guard made of three O-rings integrated into one single piece that protects the valve from floods, salt spray and dust, and
    ensures full isolation (up to DN300)


  • Atex declaration Multamed Gate Valve outside(pdf 762,61 KB)
  • ATEX declaration Multamed Gate Valve inside-outside(pdf 780,64 KB)
  • Declaration of Conformity MD INFINITY DN 40-600 PN10-16(pdf 563,56 KB)
  • PED INFINIYT DN 40-600 Cat. I+II Fluid 2(pdf 626,79 KB)
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual INFINITY PE(pdf 2,07 MB)
  • Product brochure INFINITY with PE-ends(pdf 2,77 MB)


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  • 89522 Heidenheim, Germany