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ROCO Wave - outside epoxy - inside and disc in enamel

DN 150 - 1200
PN 10 - 25
Body: EN-GJS-400-15
Coating: outside epoxy, inside enamel

The newest generation of double eccentric butterfly valves with flow-optimized "Wave-design" ensures minimized pressure losses and high energy-efficiency. Polygon connection of shaft and disc provides uninterrupted corrosion protection and optimal torque transmission at the same time. Use of slider crank gearbox allows safe operation of butterfly valves with minimized pressure surges. DIN DVGW type examination certificate for potable water available up to DN1600.


  • Resilient seated according to EN 593
  • Face-to-face dimension according to EN 558, basic series 14 (DIN 3202 F4)
  • Flange connection on both sides according to EN 1092-2
  • Low headloss, minimized flow restriction and high energy-efficiency
  • Disc bearing in maintenance-free bushings, sealed by means of O-rings
  • Polygon-connection of shaft and disc without additional security elements required, closed bearing-eyes for uninterrupted corrosion protection
  • Optimum corrosion protection body inside (incl. seat) and disc by enamel coating
  • Optimum corrosion protection body outside by epoxy powder coating according to GSK guidelines
  • Standard actuation by robust and maintenance-free slider-crank gearbox, protection class IP 68, with integrated position indicator
  • Modular actuation concept that allows use of hand wheel, electric actuator, extension spindle, hydraulic drop weight actuator, pneumatic actuator or chain wheel


  • ERHARD Compact weight-loaded hydraulic actuator Typ KFa(pdf 6,86 MB)
  • ERHARD ROCO Wave butterfly valves(pdf 13,58 MB)
  • ERHARD ROCO Wave Poster(pdf 558,88 KB)
  • DVGW_certificate_Double_eccentric_butterfly_valve_ROCO-Wave_EN(pdf 962,85 KB)
  • ERHARD ROCO Wave - spetsifikatsiya RU(pdf 2,90 MB)
  • Hoja de datos ERHARD ROCO Wave(pdf 2,58 MB)
  • EN - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, SKG, manually operated(pdf 574,24 KB)
  • EN - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, SKG, rotary actuator(pdf 605,10 KB)
  • EN - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, without actuator(pdf 496,06 KB)
  • FR - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, à manivelle à actionnement manuel SKG(pdf 561,45 KB)
  • FR - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, avec mécanisme bielle-manivelle SKG, à commande mécanique(pdf 594,21 KB)
  • FR - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, sans entrainement(pdf 485,23 KB)
  • ES - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, con mecanismo biela-manivela(pdf 596,69 KB)
  • ES - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, con mecanismo biela-manivela(pdf 631,19 KB)
  • ES - ROCO Wave, DN150-1600, sin accionamiento(pdf 507,56 KB)
  • Declaration of Conformity ERHARD ROCO Wave Absperrklappe Kat III Fluid 1(pdf 204,21 KB)
  • Declaration of Conformity ERHARD ROCO Wave Kat III Fluid 2(pdf 209,06 KB)
  • PED ROCO Wave Butterfly Valve 200 1400 10 Cat III Fluid 2(pdf 196,20 KB)
  • ERHARD ROCO Wave ES(pdf 3,74 MB)
  • Поворотно-дисковые затворы ERHARD с двойным эксцентриком(pdf 9,12 MB)
  • ROCO Wave - DN150-1200, PN10-16, outside epoxy, inside enamel, drinking water(rtf 47,14 KB)
  • ERHARD EPC High performance anti corrosion protection(pdf 1,14 MB)


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