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ROCO wave, loose flange design


DN 150 - 500
PN 10 - 16
Body: EN-JS1030
Coating: Epoxy, Enamel

The service-friendly replacement shutt-off valve for all plant and pipe networks operators.


  • No pass-off or dismantling
  • Time saving during installation
  • Reduction of connection points
  • No tools necessary to spread the pipeline
  • Compensation of axial pipeline misalignment and escape errors of the flange holes.
  • Single-sided loose flange prevents twisting of the valve during installation (fixed flange is installed first)
  • Installation of the valve is also possible in vertical pipes
  • Complex mounting with „wedges“ eliminates
  • Slider crank mechanism is suitable for installation in plants and at installation under earth ( burried)


  • DVGW_certificate_Double_eccentric_butterfly_valve_ROCO-Wave_EN(pdf 962,85 KB)
  • ROCO wave DN150-400, PN10-16, DN500, PN10(pdf 12,94 KB)
  • ROCO wave Butterfly Valve PN150-1600(pdf 641,45 KB)
  • ERHARD ROCO wave Butterfly Valve DN 150 500 with loose flange(pdf 360,58 KB)
  • ROCO wave loose flange(pdf 1,50 MB)


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