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Enamelling and specialist coating

PREMIUM coating - made in Germany

PREMIUM COATING - Made in Germany. Enamel-coated ERHARD fittings have been successful on the market for many decades. The glass-like, high-strength material, which forms a permanent connection with the carrier material, represents the perfect protection against corrosion.

A state-of-the-art enamelling process at the ERHARD plant in Heidenheim, paired with extensive process know-how, also enables first-class results in accordance with DIN 51178:

  • Safely protected from possible infiltration
  • Absolutely tight for water vapor and oxygen
  • Stable connection even when bending the material and other loads
  • High elasticity similar to glass
  • Resistant to acids, bases and neutral organic media
  • Extremely temperature-resistant and can also be used with sudden temperature fluctuations
  • Good resistance even with abrasive media due to the high hardness of 600 HV
  • Even with soil class III, no further protective measures are required
  • Extremely smooth surface (Ra 0.05) for hygienically perfect conditions
  • No setting of mineral and organic components, so no growth of a mineral crust with reduced cross-section
  • Ideal counter sealing surface for elastomer seals
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting, no embrittlement and chalking
  • High environmental compatibility, recyclable

ERHARD has extensive experience and many years of process know-how in the complex technology of enamelling. A modern enamelling process enables us to produce flexibly and at the same time with high quality, since we can seamlessly monitor all enamelling steps with ERHARD Pro-Enamel - from degassing annealing to bright blasting, the application of the frit to firing and cooling


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