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Fusion bonded epoxy coating

In principle we distinguish between to standard corrosion systems - ERHARD pro-enamel and ERHARD EKB fusion bonded epoxy coating. 

We offer two different kinds of fusion bonded epoxy coating. On the one hand electrostatic powder coating, accordance to the GSK Quality Association (RAL-GZ 662) and on the other hand a wet electrostatic coating. The liquid epoxy resin material is applied directly in a two layer system on the metallically bright and preheated surface of the valve.

The color is blue, similar to RAL 505th The recommended minimum coating thickness is 150μm primer and 150μm EKB.

Special characteristics of fusion bonded epoxy coating:

  • Organic material
  • Excellent adhesion on cast iron
  • Meet requirements KTW and DVGW W 270
  • Temperature resistance up to +60°C at liquids
  • Temperature resistance up to +120°C at dry gases


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