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Privacy Statement
and Terms and Conditions of Use


Data protection and data security are very important to us. We would therefore like to explain to you as a visitor to our websites how ERHARD GmbH & Co. KG, Heidenheim, (hereinafter: ERHARD) handles data, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information and respecting your data protection rights.

Validity of the Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to all websites for which German ERHARD companies are responsible.

Please note that our websites contain links to other websites. ERHARD accepts no liability for the observance of data protection, privacy statements, and contents of these other websites.
ERHARD as a content provider is responsible solely for its own content, which it makes available for use, according to the general laws. Cross-references (links) to the contents made available by other suppliers must be distinguished from our own content. The cross-reference merely allows ERHARD to make "third-party content" available for use. ERHARD is not obliged to perform ongoing checks of the content to which it refers in its offering for changes that might re-constitute responsibility.

Data Capture

When you visit our website, our computers automatically capture statistical data about your visit. The information captured cannot be assigned to a particular person. We keep statistics, for example, about the number of visitors to our website, the user's IP address, date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the domains from which the visitors access the website, and the browsers that they use, e.g. Internet browser and operating system. These statistics do not allow us to identify you as an individual. We use this information to determine the attractiveness of our websites and to improve their efficiency and contents.

ERHARD does not capture personal data (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses), unless you provide us with such data voluntarily or have given your consent. ERHARD does not make this data available to third parties, except for companies of the TALIS Group. To guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data, ERHARD has bound its employees to professional secrecy. Persons involved in data processing are prohibited from collecting, processing or using personal data (data secrecy) unless authorized so to do. In addition, we have taken extensive technical and operational security precautions. The data protection officers of ERHARD ensure that this privacy statement is complied with.

Use of Personal Data

The personal data that you provide us with by making an entry on one of our web pages (e.g. your name and your postal address or your e-mail address) is saved on a server in a country within the European Union, being processed solely for correspondence with you and solely for the purpose for which you made the data available to us. In addition, we will use this data to make occasional offers to you within the relevant regulations in order to inform you about new products or services and other services that might be of interest to you.

You may object to such use of personal data at any time. We assure you that we do not pass on your personal data to third parties, unless we are legally bound so to do or you have given your prior consent.

If we avail ourselves of service providers to execute processing procedures, the contractual relationships are governed by the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.


When you visit one of our websites, information in the form of a "cookie“ may be stored on the PC that you are using, enabling the computer to be automatically recognized on the next visit. If you do not want us to recognize your computer, please configure your Internet browser to delete cookies from your computer's hard disk, to block all cookies or to warn you before a cookie is saved.

Querying, Correcting and Deleting Your Data

You are entitled to obtain information regarding the personal data stored about you. You are also entitled to rectify incorrect data and to block or delete data in accordance with the legal provisions.

Right to Inspect the Public Directory of Procedures

You have a right to inspect the ERHARD Group's public directory of procedures.

Secure Communication on the Internet

The Internet is generally regarded as an insecure medium. In contrast, say, to a telephone line, it is easier for third parties to intercept, record or even modify a transmission of data over the Internet.

Access to Password-Protected or Password-Secured Pages

Only authorized persons are allowed to access and use password-protected or password-secured pages of this website.

Updating These Provisions

We will continually adapt our privacy statement in line with further developments of the Internet. You should therefore access this page on a regular basis in order to acquire information about the current status.

Establishing Contact with Us or Our Data Protection Officer

All interested parties and customers of ERHARD can reach us at here.

Should you have queries and suggestions regarding the protection of your data, please contact Wolfgang Ziegler, our data protection officer, directly here.