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ERHARD ERHARD Diaphragm Valve Type FD

DN 15 - 200
PN 4 - 10

Body: EN-JL1040

Coating: Rubber lining

Diaphragm valve with or without rubber coating, and different qualities of diaphragm for different media.


Water treatment Water transmission Water distribution network House connection Dams and hydropower Fire protection network Irrigation Industrial water applications application_sewage_network_and_treatment_alt Gas distribution network
  • Drip-proof closure even with suspended solids in media
  • Universal use due to individual combinations of body and diaphragm materials adapted to media
  • Hood and pressure piece are not in contact with the medium
  • Lift restriction as standard
  • Numerous actuation types for manual and automatic operation available


  • SP ERHARD Diaphragm Valve Type FD rubber lined EN (rtf 0.010 MB)    
  • SP ERHARD Diaphragm Valve Type FD EN (rtf 0.010 MB)