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ERHARD Needle Valve Premium RKV - DN100-300, PN10-25

DN 100 - 300
PN 10 - 25

Body: EN-JS 1050

Coating: Epoxy, Epoxy-Polymer-Ceramic (EPC)

Innovative valves for secure regulation of pressure stages and flow rates.


Water treatment Water transmission Water distribution network House connection Dams and hydropower Fire protection network Irrigation Industrial water applications application_sewage_network_and_treatment_alt Gas distribution network
  • Designed as one piece
  • Optimised flow behaviour and minimum head losses when fully open
  • Regulation range up to 96% through linkage actuator with matched characteristic
  • curve
  • Regulating inserts for all areas of application: blade ring, slotted cylinder, pipe cylinder and other special inserts
  • Broad main seal in cavitation-free zone, additional shaft sealing
  • Four armoured guides and optimum protection against corrosion with EKB


  • Needle Valve Premium RKV - DN100-300, PN10-25, drinking water (rtf 0.026 MB)